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October 7th – December 2nd


8 Week Intuition Bootcamp ~

8 Week Intuition Bootcamp ~

Intuitive Leverage™

with Vanessa Codorniu

The 8 week intuition boot camp where you will break through fears and leverage your sensitivity into the badass Super Power you always knew it could be! Give the invisible structure so you can apply it to your life and business now.

  • testimonial-viki-kelly-quirk Viki Kelly-Quirk (Quote)

    “As always, Vanessa makes the mystical practical without losing it’s magic through easy to use and effective exercises and tools.”

    — Viki Kelly-Quirk, MSW, Pilates Instructor

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Do you need Intuitive Leverage?

  • Do you feel, hear, see or just know things that turn out to be true?

  • Do your friends, community and colleagues turn to you for advice or insight, because you have a way of “knowing”?

  • Do you feel like your gifts may be out of the mainstream, kinda weird?

  • Do you have a sensitivity that feels like a detriment rather than the true advantage it is?

  • Do you get drained by others issues and emotions? Heck, do you get drained by your own life?

  • Do you know that you are here to be to do good in a big way but don’t know how to leverage your unique talents and skills in a way that includes your true calling AND financial well-being?

What I have to share with you…

I have suffered from all of that and more as I tried to understand my gifts so I could stop hiding them and let them fuel my true calling. Understanding and owning my gift has led me to thrive in my soul-based business and follow my inner guidance to a life that I only dreamed of before. I have gathered key secrets from my own life’s adventure, doing thousands of intuitive sessions worldwide and from teaching hundreds to understand and use their intuition in life, health and business.

What I will share with you in this intuition bootcamp are the key secrets that took me from an overwhelmed empath to a thriving intuitive entrepreneur, making a mark in the world in my own way!

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  • testimonial-daniel-p Daniel P (Quote)

    “Vanessa’s clear methodology of “giving structure to the invisible” is absolutely key when learning to interpret your own, personal abilities to access knowledge beyond your “learned mind.” With lots of class participation, we learned to bear witness to each other’s sensitivities in action!”

    — Daniel P

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