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My Story

Vanessa’s Story

The Advantage that saved my life…

In 2010 my doctor told me that I huge fibroid tumors and that most likely my uterus had to go. My life would never be the same. Tears ran down my face as a doctor told me that I was, “70 % fibroid” from hip bone to hip bone. Every doctor I saw tried to convince me to have a hysterectomy. Shamans and healers, pulled back in fear when they touched my 6 and a half month pregnancy fibroid belly. They told me to do “whatever the doctor tells you! This is too much for us to deal with.” I was disheartened. As an educated woman, I did research on every technique and alternative method available.

As a woman with a condition, I was very affected by my partner, friends and family begging me not to be stubborn and to do what was right.

As a trained intuitive, I connected to my inner guidance. She said, “You can keep your uterus. Keep looking. Don’t stop till you find the doctor that can save your uterus.”
I moved forward with the guidance. I would not have my surgery until I found the right doctor. Interviewing 10 doctors in two years… the 11th one said as she looked at the mass of fibroids and at my tear-stained face, “I got this. I got you.”

Surgery went longer than they had thought. Instead of five tumors, I had 20.

As I regained consciousness after surgery, she said smiling, “Aren’t you going to ask me?” I said, “I know. Thank you, I know. Thank you for saving my uterus.”

My doctor said that in 30 years of surgery every woman had asked if they still had her uterus as soon as they could speak. I hadn’t. I didn’t need to. I already knew.

I was born this way — just like you were.


As a young girl, I “knew” stuff and felt things about people that turned out to be true.

At 16, my parents blindfolded me and turned the Ouija board around that I was using. Suddenly a new world opened up as I described people I “saw” and messages I “heard.” It went from feeling information to seeing and hearing. I started doing sessions but soon stopped claiming that “I lost my powers”… I didn’t know what I was doing, just that I could do it.

At 19, I wrote the Universe a letter and asked to be a channel for inspiration and healing. I found out when you raise your hand in God’s classroom, you are IN! My guides showed up in full force and books, information and tapes seem to make their way to me.

In my early twenties, I was so empathic, that I couldn’t go to nightclubs though I loved to dance. I felt the feelings and energies around me, and it overwhelmed me.

I had a connection but didn’t know how to really step up in a way that really served me.


I started doing professional intuitive readings in my early twenties then hiding out for days after a gig. I was and am what I call an extroverted loner. I am great with people yet needing extensive alone time.

I knew I needed to get past my fears, so I explored and did all sorts of trainings. I became an initiated priestess, a clinical hypnotherapist with the Hypnosis Institute and a reiki master/teacher among other certifications. I finally discovered how I could keep my empathic abilities flowing and keep myself healthy and energetic!

I went from not being able to go to nightclubs in my early twenties, to working TV and nightclub events with ease. I was walking through crowds of 800 to over a 1000 people a night AND I wasn’t drained!

And that’s only the beginning…

  • testimonial-oceana-leblanc Oceana LeBlanc (Quote)

    “Intuitive Leverage with Vanessa Codorniu is the clearest, most practical course in intuition development online that I have experienced. Even as a seasoned intuitive, I found it to be a truly useful refresher packed with new information based on firsthand research and innovative and clearly explained exercises”

    – Oceana LeBlanc, Spiritual Relationship + Fulfillment Expert, Tantric Yogi, Shaman

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