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October 7th – December 2nd


Course Description

Course Description

A Unique opportunity to work with vanessa

With more than 10,000 psychic intuitive sessions & with hundreds of students both in the US & Latin America, Vanessa is an acclaimed psychic intuitive, clinical hypnotherapist and international intuition trainer.

Vanessa facilitates in-person intuition workshops in NYC, Miami, LA, Panama and Costa Rica. But, Vanessa’s unique intuitive training is also available in this 8 week online course called Intuitive Leverage. This is the 5th time Intuitive Leverage has been offered online — this transformative course, specifically designed for empaths, is helping sensitives THRIVE!

When you join Intuitive Leverage you will receive:

  • 8 of Vanessa’s unique classes, recorded specifically for this online course, with accompanying PDF workbooks

  • 4 LIVE group calls for laser-focused, intuitive guidance and explorations of the invisible with Vanessa

  • Private group forum on Facebook for online intuitive exercises and ongoing support from your fellow intuitives

  • Vanessa’s guidebook to leveraging your intuition for personal and business success

  • Powerful community with fellow seekers, visionaries and intuitives who are out to serve the world in a big way

What’s in each class?

Module 1: SUPERSHERO/SUPERHERO — You will explore the ways your intuition works, tap into the gifts you already have and begin using them to your advantage. Through custom exercises and group activities, we’ll discover how intuitive you already are.

Module 2: DRAGON DANCER — You will explore how fear works, how to transform and work with it. This is at the core of what has been keeping you stuck or small. Through powerful hypnosis support and exercises to transform your limiting beliefs you will begin to step into more courage and freedom. Once you get this piece, everything else starts to fall into place!

Module 3: ENERGY HEALER — You will learn to manage your intuitive sensitivity, real world stress and deep change. Master top secrets in energy management so you can keep your empathic abilities open and as you remain balanced and safe. This will change the way you feel and improve how you show up in life and business.

Module 4: PAST LIFE TRAVELER — Uncovering and understanding the patterns, beliefs, talents and karmas thru Past Life regression hypnosis exploration. How can we make the most of our experiences and apply them to our lives now?

Module 5: VISION SEER — You will discover clairvoyance: what is it, how it works and how to develop this ability. Learn remote viewing (the ability to see a scene when separated by space or time) thru case studies and real-time exercises so you can feel more prepared for business and life!

Module 6: GUIDANCE WHISPERER — You will learn clairaudience: what is it, how does it work so you can work with your Higher Self and your guides more effectively. We will work with the dialogue process so you can apply powerful intuitive guidance into your writing, relationships and business projects!

Module 7: MESSAGE MEDIUM — You will explore mediumship (the ability to become someone or something else and experience the world thru their eyes), precognition (the ability to move a person or event in time and accurately describe what can happen), Telepathy (the ability to receive and send messages from a distance.) You will become savvy in practical application so you can do what you love while changing the world.

Module 8: MANIFESTING ALCHEMIST — You will learn to use your intuitive abilities so you can manifest life on your terms. Focus is on a doable plan of action so you can use your unique gift to create the business, relationship, health or art that you are wanting to experience. Creating a guidance map so you can get your joy and abundance ON!

Bonus Classes

EXPLORE AKASHIC RECORDS 101 — A 70 minute call that explains what the Akashic Records are and how they affect us. You will learn what the record keepers are, what they do and why it’s so important to understand the records.

What happens on a live call?

We may cover any of the following topics and exercises on a live call:

Open Q & A intuitive guidance call
Group Past life regression & intuitive guidance
Shamanic training & intuitive guidance
Working with your guides & coaching

Bonus interviews

Susan Lander — Author of the book Conversations with History: Inspiration, Reflections and Advice from History-Makers and Celebrities on the Other Side

Susan Lander is a lawyer, writer, and psychic medium who spent 20 years in the legal field before transitioning to a career honoring her very special gift: the ability to communicate with spirits.

Harness your innate abilities with this course so that you can leverage your intuition to your advantage! Register Now.

  • testimonial-tanya-steryl Tania Steryl (Quote)

    “On the outside, I’m seen as this bold, perhaps even materialistic, fashionista who’s all about her style. But inside I am quite empathetic, dreamy, creative and intuitive, and even though I focus on styling women. Vanessa is a woman who “speaks my language” and someone who could TRULY understand me deep down, and explain to me how to tap into and accept and honor my heightened intuition. Through her online program Intuitive Leverage, I now have the tools and understanding to shut out the “noise” and reach deep for into my own quiet and find my own answers again. I also have learned to accept my sensitivity as a strength, not a weakness. If you feel like you just need some clarity about what path to take next, or feel like an outsider due to your highly sensitive nature, you’re not alone. I highly recommend reaching out to Vanessa as she can help guide you to your brilliance.”

    — Tania Steryl

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