Next Class: Coming Soon! Fall 2019

October 7th – December 2nd


Login – Fall 2019

Login – Fall 2019

The 8 week intuition boot camp where you will break through fears and leverage your sensitivity into the badass Super Power you always knew it could be! Giving the invisible structure so you can apply it to your life and business now.

Session Dates

October 7 — December 2, 2019
8 unique content-packed pre-recorded modules will be flying directly to your inbox every week.

Live Calls

October 14, October 23, November 6, November 20
Live calls are from 8pm to 9pm EST. The first call is on Monday and the remainder are on Wednesdays.

Before we Begin

I am excited to welcome you to this program! Before we begin I want to share some important points:

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Modules & Exercises

Class Starts Soon!

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Module 1: Supershero / Superhero

You will explore the ways your intuition works, tap into the gifts you already have and begin using them to your advantage. Through custom exercises and group activities, we’ll discover how intuitive you already are.

Module 2: Dragon Dancer

You will explore how fear works, how to transform and work with it. This is at the core of what has been keeping you stuck or small. Through powerful hypnosis support and exercises to transform your limiting beliefs you will begin to step into more courage and freedom. Once you get this piece, everything else starts to fall into place!

Module 3: Energy Healer

You will learn to manage your intuitive sensitivity, real world stress and deep change. Master top secrets in energy management so you can keep your empathic abilities open and as you remain balanced and safe. This will change the way you feel and improve how you show up in life and business.

Module 4: Past Life Traveler

Uncovering and understanding the patterns, beliefs, talents and karmas thru Past Life regression hypnosis exploration. How can we make the most of our experiences and apply them to our lives now?

Module 5: Vision Seer

You will discover clairvoyance: what is it, how it works and how to develop this ability. Learn remote viewing (the ability to see a scene when separated by space or time) thru case studies and real-time exercises so you can feel more prepared for business and life!

Module 6: Guidance Whisperer

You will learn clairaudience: what is it, how does it work so you can work with your Higher Self and your guides more effectively. We will work with the dialogue process so you can apply powerful intuitive guidance into your writing, relationships and business projects!

Module 7: Message Medium

You will explore mediumship (the ability to become someone or something else and experience the world thru their eyes), precognition (the ability to move a person or event in time and accurately describe what can happen), Telepathy (the ability to receive and send messages from a distance.) You will become savvy in practical application so you can do what you love while changing the world.

Module 8: Manifesting Alchemist

You will learn to use your intuitive abilities so you can manifest life on your terms. Focus is on a doable plan of action so you can use your unique gift to create the business, relationship, health or art that you are wanting to experience. Creating a guidance map so you can get your joy and abundance ON!

Guest Interview: Susan Lander

Medium, Clairvoyant & Author

Susan Lander, author of the book Conversations with History: Inspiration, Reflections and Advice from History-Makers and Celebrities on the Other Side. Published by Hay House (available August 11, 2014)

Susan Lander is a lawyer, writer, and psychic medium who spent 20 years in the legal field before transitioning to a career honoring her very special gift: the ability to communicate with spirits. A lifelong clairvoyant and a message medium, Susan is able to see, hear and feel spirits, and to transmit their emotional messages from the Other Side. Using her unique combination of psychic, analytical, and teaching skills, Susan has led hundreds of seminars on the topics of spiritual and psychic development, leadership, law and public speaking. She lives in New York City.

Explore Akashic Records 101

A 70 minute call that explains what the Akashic Records are and how they affect us. You will learn what the record keepers are, what they do and why it’s so important to understand the records.


  1. I am excited to welcome you to this program! Before we begin I want to share some important points.
  2. Be patient. Be patient with yourself, with exercises and above all, with the process. You are intuitive. It can be developed and the process must be allowed to unfold.
  3. Intuition doesn’t happen “to” you it happens “through” you… so we will spend time creating the best environment possible so you can “receive.”
  4. Please be respectful of private information. The nature of intuition is that we access “that which is normally hidden.” Stuff will come up for all of us and through all of us. Learning to discern and communicate intuitive information is also an integral part of working your super power.
  5. Please do your homework. There is no way around it. Trust me, I have all sorts of natural ability but what brings me clarity each and every time is the trust I have built from a solid practice. I really want you to come through this program truly in love and shining bright with your inner guidance and trusting it like NOTHING else.
  6. Show up. You made the investment of time, effort and finances. Show up however you are. Intuition truly works no matter what “mood” we are in if we are in a habit of allowing.
  7. Allow yourself to have beginner’s mind even if you’ve been doing sessions for lifetimes. There is always something new to uncover and to explore. Allow yourself to not know. Invite your imagination to play!
  8. Start an intuition journal or create an intuition doc on your laptop. Commit yourself to taking notes throughout the 8 weeks. Trust me, you will be glad you did as you start to really understand your inner intuitive landscape and how you perceive and receive!


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BONUS interview with one of the most badass, successful intuitive entrepreneurs I know.

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