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October 7th – December 2nd


Tania Steryl (Quote)

Tania Steryl (Quote)

“On the outside, I’m seen as this bold, perhaps even materialistic, fashionista who’s all about her style. But inside I am quite empathetic, dreamy, creative and intuitive, and even though I focus on styling women. Vanessa is a woman who “speaks my language” and someone who could TRULY understand me deep down, and explain to me how to tap into and accept and honor my heightened intuition. Through her online program Intuitive Leverage, I now have the tools and understanding to shut out the “noise” and reach deep for into my own quiet and find my own answers again. I also have learned to accept my sensitivity as a strength, not a weakness. If you feel like you just need some clarity about what path to take next, or feel like an outsider due to your highly sensitive nature, you’re not alone. I highly recommend reaching out to Vanessa as she can help guide you to your brilliance.”

— Tania Steryl