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October 7th – December 2nd


Love for Vanessa

Mira Kelley

I loved my session with Vanessa. Her intuition, her ability to perceive beyond the seen and her wisdom guided me and gave me the answers I was looking for. I highly recommend that you work with her.

~ Mira Kelley, best-selling author of Beyond Past Lives

Anita Kopacz

Vanessa came into my life in perfect divine timing. I needed some questions answered in my life that I couldn’t seem to answer on my own. Vanessa’s gentle, yet honest, approach to intuitive healing was so powerful…it cut through any fear, almost before I knew I had any. I walked away from our session with a deeper knowing of myself and my purpose!

~ Anita Kopacz, Editor-in-Chief Heart & Soul Magazine

Meggan Watterson

Vanessa has such a powerful vulnerability — a capacity to hear and to trust the information she is receiving from spirit. The depth of my healing at Vanessa’s mystical hands was profound. She is a gorgeous soul and holds deep medicine with her gift of intuitive healing.

~ Meggan Watterson, Founder of REVEAL, Hay House Speaker+Author

Trenia P

Vanessa is amazing! She strikes the right balance between her intuitive insight and the practical things you can do to change your life. Vanessa is a warm, genuine, fiery priestess who truly wants the highest good for her clients. After my session with her, I felt a release and sense of knowing that big things were possible in my life. I highly recommend working with her!

~ Trenia P, Relationship Coach

Jennifer Racioppi Bandes

Vanessa is incredibly gentle, and yet, extraordinarily powerful. If you are looking for support making change, I seriously suggest exploring the option work with Vanessa. She has a gift, and is a beautiful gem… She’s a healer’s healer and a masterful guide.”

~ Jennifer Racioppi Bandes, Women’s Health+Success Coach

Tania Steryl

On the outside, I’m seen as this bold, perhaps even materialistic, fashionista who’s all about her style. But inside I am quite empathetic, dreamy, creative and intuitive, and even though I focus on styling women. Vanessa is a woman who “speaks my language” and someone who could TRULY understand me deep down, and explain to me how to tap into and accept and honor my heightened intuition. 

Through her online program Intuitive Leverage, I now have the tools and understanding to shut out the “noise” and reach deep for into my own quiet and find my own answers again. I also have learned to accept my sensitivity as a strength, not a weakness. 

If you feel like you just need some clarity about what path to take next, or feel like an outsider due to your highly sensitive nature, you’re not alone. I highly recommend reaching out to Vanessa as she can help guide you to your brilliance.

~ Tania Steryl

Kristen Kalp

Working with Vanessa is like having the whole of the universe on speed dial. Phenomenal cosmic power…itty bitty priestess-woman!

~ Kristen Kalp

Nisha Moodley

Vanessa is a force of nature. She is incredibly intuitive, but what is most compelling about her work is that she teaches us to connect more deeply with our own intuition. Like teaching a man to fish, she allows us to become our own healer and guide.

~ Nisha Moodley, Fierce, Fabulous and Free

Liz Alton

Vanessa has an exceptional gift. If you have questions, are seeking guidance, or just want to connect with a force bigger than yourself, you absolutely MUST speak to this modern wise woman. Absolutely amazing.

~ Liz Alton, Indie Blue Media

Rev. Kandace Simmons

Vanessa is a wonderfully gifted intuitive – no question is unanswerable, and no concern is left unmet. All of my experiences with her have been transformative and haveprovided me with deep insights, full of nuance and richly textured. She has been an invaluable treasure on my spiritual journey, and I cannot thank her enough.

~ Rev. Kandace Simmons, Spiritual Strategist

Tisha Lin

Vanessa is a true gift. She is a wise woman of many talents, grounded in serving with passion and integrity. I have experienced sessions with Vanessa for intuitive readings, past-life regression and hypnotherapy and have benefited tremendously from all to heal and tap greater into my own understanding and intuitive guidance as it relates to my career, relationships and deepest desires. Vanessa is a powerful combination of both strength and subtlety. As both a teacher and friend, I am grateful to have her in my life and community.

~ Tisha Lin, Creator of Pleasurable Periods + AADP Certified Holistic Health Coach

Beth Watson

Vanessa is a pure channel for Spirit, there is no other way to say it! During my first session with her, without so much as asking me a question, she was able to accurately portray the events of my life, while giving me deeper insight into them. Her grace and kindness during the session was also a beautiful bonus. I would definitely recommend working with her to anyone who is ready to live their life in a bigger way.

~ Beth Watson

Rashida KhanBey

There are very few people that I would ever refer to as Priestess or Shaman. Vanessa is one of those few people, hands down.Vanessa’s guidance completely put my mind at rest. The pressure of blame, defeat, guilt and shame that I was experiencing completely dissolved. I walked away from our session with tangible steps to take in order to embody the life I desired and more strength than I had felt in months. If you’re in a transition period in your life and you’re willing to do the work to make the changes V’s guidance will be invaluable in your process.

~ Rashida KhanBey (Rashi), Erotic Dance Teacher

  • intuitive-training-quote-01 Steve Jobs (Quote)

    “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

    — Steve Jobs

Love for Intuitive Leverage

Daniel P

Literally haunted, my entire life, by a noticably effortless intelligence, an intensely deep and colorful emotional spectrum and a confidence that would both guide me toward success, yet away from the crowds, I was literally aching to find the clarity of Vanessa’s INTUITIVE LEVERAGE program when I did.

Reframing my life experiences in these terms allowed me to finally begin seeing, feeling & using my unexamined, and veritably unpracticed intuitive abilities for what they are, instead of what they seemed to become through outside interpretation.

Vanessa’s clear methodology of “giving structure to the invisible” is absolutely key when learning to interpret your own, personal abilities to access knowledge beyond your “learned mind.” With lots of class participation, we learned to bear witness to each other’s sensitivities in action!

Additionally, my previously instinctual needs to “cleanse,” to wander in the wild, to eat what I, or another, has prepared with love and, most of all, to give of my joy in all directions were confirmed by Vanessa’s platform.

In the past, taking care of myself was not a “permission-based” activity. The program verified that my “default settings” for self-care were actually necessary, and demonstrated to me that actively enjoying my life actually gives rise to better languages for sharing one’s awareness and being a loving, creative force in the world we share.

~ Daniel P, CEO & Creative

Danielle Gordon

We all have this amazing power called intuition. Most of us have enormous fears, blocks and confusion on how to use it. “Intuitive Leverage” teaches you to face your fears, get beyond the blocks and learn what I think is the most important lesson, to trust your inner voice and guidance. I HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone who wants to know how to unlock their fear and live their life with courage knowing they’re following the right path.

~ Danielle Gordon, Marketing Muse + Badass Mom

Abra “Nicolle” Nowitz

I was very excited about Vanessa’s class and it didn’t disappoint. Her modules in particular were amazing and I listened to them over and over. She explained things that, for decades I wondered about and couldn’t understand. I came away with much more clarity about myself and my life.

Vanessa exceed my expectations and I’m grateful to her and also her amazing ability to teach a very complicated subject and guide students in a supportive and loving way.

~ Abra “Nicolle” Nowitz, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, The Corcoran Group

Viki Kelly-Quirk

Intuitive Leverage was definitely a great next step after Empaths Thriving. I took everything I learned to the next level and began to develop other skills I hadn’t had before. Although I feel it was a fabulous follow up to Empaths Thriving.

I think the content is basic yet in-depth enough where someone brand new to this work could take the course and run with it.

As always, Vanessa makes the mystical practical without losing it’s magic through easy to use and effective exercises and tools. I really enjoyed having access to like-minded people via the calls and Facebook page.

I recommend this course to anyone looking to learn more about themselves and what they really can do with someone who is the real deal and truly cares about her students and clients.

~ Viki Kelly-Quirk

Oceana LeBlanc

Intuitive Leverage with Vanessa Codorniu is the clearest, most practical course in intuition development online that I have experienced. Even as a seasoned intuitive, I found it to be a truly useful refresher packed with new information based on firsthand research and innovative and clearly explained exercises.

I would recommend it to anyone whether they are starting out or are looking to expand their skills, as it offers an outstanding foundation to anyone wanting to access deeper awareness for personal development and empowerment.

Vanessa is a profoundly gifted intuitive and priestess with a lifetime of practice and experience, and teaches from the heart with excellence.
Unlike many online courses, this one was filled with very active participants receiving tremendous individual attention from Vanessa, who’s capacity to answer any and all questions regarding personal intuitive experiences and questions is unparalleled.

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to experience her work, and will recommend it as the number one course to take for anyone desiring a strong foundation for intuitive development. Fun, informative, experiential, and personal…I cannot say enough good things about it.

~ Oceana LeBlanc, Spiritual Relationship + Fulfillment Expert, Tantric Yoga Teacher, Shaman, + Writer

Haunani Kekuna

This course is mind blowing on so many different levels!!! At first, I felt like a “novice-way-in-over-my head-I don’t belong.” But I trusted Vanessa and did the modules, assignments and live calls and appreciate that the recordings are always there to go back to. I was so in awe (intimidated) by the talent of the small group of loving, engaging and supportive intuitives who were instrumental in affirming and nurturing my intuition. The partnering up with the other students and remote viewing exercises were totally rad!

~ Haunani Kekuna